Welcome to MySexyAssistant.com.

I bet your asking yourself what is this site? Well, let me
answer that for you. MySexyAssistant.com is a site that
provides a Very Sexy Assistant to help you out with tasks like reminders, notifications, and web analytics.

By letting our Sexy Assistant worry about the small things
you can worry about more important things if you know
what I mean. ;)

What will MySexyAssistant.com do for me?

  • Send email reminders.
  • Send SMS reminders.
  • Send reminders via Twitter
  • Notify you if a website goes down and/or when it's back live.
  • Track your websites stats (visitors, impressions, etc)
  • Help Find You A Date
  • Please the boss. ;)

What MySexyAssistant.com won't do for me?

  • Sue you for sexual harassment.
  • Engage in illegal activities.
  • SPAM.

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